bespoke apps

Bespoke apps

From Concept to Creative Brief – bringing ideas into reality

Bespoke apps are free of any prescribed limitations, and can be tailored to suit any vision you have.

A theme that often runs through our bespoke app development is business process and workflow improvement. Clients are looking to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the way they work, to save costs and meet or exceed customer expectations.


Planning is critical, but how easy is it to bring a concept to reality? Until an idea is visually depicted in some way, it is understandable that the image different individuals have might vary significantly.

link to image of wireframing app planning process
link to image of wireframing app planning process

We work with clients to help shape the process of bringing vision into reality – from concept screenshots to process flow planning of the app user’s journey. You can read some examples of bespoke apps below, or jump right in and get in touch.


Mobile Inspection – health & safety and compliance monitoring

“…having a UK-based resource has been critical in developing cost-effective and technically sound additions to our services”

image for bespoke app mobile inspection exampleThis bespoke example concerns development of a service which manages Health & Safety inspections, such as the compliance monitoring of building water systems for Legionella control, cleaning quality audits and housing condition surveys. This well-established, large-scale multi-user service is underpinned by a real-time collaborative information system utilising web, email, and mobile applications on smartphones and tablets.

Operating from a strategic and a tactical implementation level, the work involved many elements, including

  • Migrating the existing databases and applications to a hosted service
  • Upgrading the existing Windows Mobile smart phone application to Android ICS for use on tablets, and
  • A complete redesign of the user interface and navigation, plus new functionality, to fully exploit the much larger tablet screen

Business Improvement – mapping strategic aims and tactical actions

“…this app is great, it has reduced the time to create a map from 2 weeks to just a matter of minutes”

image for bespoke app bubble map exampleThe solution developed here concerned creating an app that would allow easy updating, viewing and sharing of business improvement process information. The concept essentially allows a business manager to define a business aim and decide on up to three key goals which would bring about positive change. These goals are then split into 3 tasks, which in turn have 3 actions that will resolve them.

To keep operation simple, this solution makes use of an Excel spreadsheet to provide the ownership, version change control and archive functionality, and the app itself delivers the visualisation, sharing and discussion platform.

Once the spreadsheet has been uploaded the map itself can be viewed in either bubble map or tabular form.

link to image of bubble map app explained on mobile and tablet

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link to image of bubble map app explained on mobile and tablet
  1. Table Map scrolls on mobile without scrolling the main page
  2. Clicking on “see more…” link opens additional item information
  3. Bubble Map or Table Map can be used on larger screens (tablets & PCs)

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